16 August 2008

This just in....

Hot off the press as it were, here's a pic of our first off-spring, well, Sale-Or and one of his harem anyway! How cute is that? It (as yet not sexed) had a poorly leg and was almost for the big coop in the sky but the Mad Ukrainian saved it and it's now a happy chuck.

Hot Hubby put his technical hat on and got the pic of our first stall off my phone, so here it is as promised
and here's today's effort - that box in the front was beetroot. We did well and sold out of eggs, courgettes cucumber and cabbage.

14 August 2008


At last! I am one of the elite club who has won a Manic Mummy contest! I AM DELIGHTED!! Can you tell? I did a little jig, I let out a little whoop and I've been singing Abba songs all morning. Can't wait for the CD of Mamma Mia to land on my mat. In the mean time I will content myself with digging tatties for Saturday's sale and laughing at Big Help as she pervs at the builders.

Five sleeps to school

11 August 2008

Ponderings of a poultry keeper

Whilst deep in the depths of poultry keeping thoughts were floating through the ether of my mind, as they do, when I stumbled upon the traditional interview question "Where do you see yourself in five (ten) years time?" and I had to laugh as I thought of where I was ten years ago and what I was doing ten years ago and what my response would have been then - it certainly wouldn't have been "Upto my elbows in duck shit and mite spray" that's for sure! (That's the joys of ducks - think long and hard before you invest for they are filthy creatures) Ten years ago I was working in an office with a computer and a desk and swanky suit - Oh my oh my oh my! That, thinking about it, was more than ten years ago. Ten years ago I had a baby to care for so maybe not quite so far from today as I thought - ANYWAY, I digress so back to the point which was - where were you ten years ago and when you were there did you think you would be where you are now? Comments please...

06 August 2008

More photos...

Sweet corn is trying to burst out of the poly tunnel!

We have walls!

Malcolm and his harem playing on the straw bale

Thirteen days to go 'til school starts and no prizes for guessing what the weather's doing right now...here's a BIG clue - I'm tootling on the computer...

01 August 2008

Five weeks down, two to go...

Yep, the summer holidays are ALMOST over and the internet is back again!

We have been to the beach LOADS thanks to good weather and help and I have to say I am a very proud doggy owner - our Meg has been teaching other autistic kids to not be afraid of dogs. She is SOOOO good and SOOOO lovely and yes she was nearly kidnapped at the beach yesterday. She was playing with a little boy who has autism and his dad and grandad who were so chuffed because he usually freaks at the sight of a dog I think they had designs on encouraging her to go home with them....easily done as she's such a tart, she'd go if there was a ball involved.At this same beach trip Bear decided to have a total meltdown at going home time - just because we were and she wasn't ready to - and for the first time a very nice lady came over to ask if she was hurt and could she help? Above the screams my soggy helper (Bear + water, enough said!) explained she was autistic and whilst Bear drew breath I heard her say "Oh that's OK then." How totally cool is that?? Scrumpy is 11 next birthday and that is the first EVER time that's happened. For those of you not "in" the autism world, that's how to handle it.

Other news? Poly tunnel is looking like a jungle - cucumbers are tasting mighty fine and aubergines are looking good. Premieres (potatoes) are almost ready, hoping they'll be spot on for the next local sale on 16th August. Swedes are growing well and beetroot are golf ball size so looking promising.

The down side is that seeing as we have been having way too much fun with Scrumpy and Bear the day we put aside to prepare the ground for our second attempt carrots and parsnips it is POURING rain. No good for tractoring. Bugger.

If I can figure out how to get the photos off my phone and onto the computer I will post pics of the Mad Ukranian's chick. Photo-fest II to follow sometime soon - ish!