18 August 2009

Ah, um, well, it's like this....

I have been absent, a bad blogger, for a while now because of several cumulative factors - primary of which is the lack of internet connection but I must confess that life has a peculiar way of interrupting. We've had weddings, school holidays, sickness, seizures - all toppped off with WAY to much to do. So, you see, I haven't exactly had much time to write and now I'm only stopping by to say I don't have time. I'm off to do farming things while the kids are back to school and Hot Hubby does the property developing thing - we just bought two houses to rent out seeing as the bank rate is in free fall. Oh no, wait, it hit ROCK BOTTOM, any lower and we'll be paying them for the pleasure.

Hope to give you chapter and verse in the not too distant!