27 February 2009

'mooning in America

My niece and her betrothed are planning a road trip from Atlanta to Nashville for their honeymoon - anyone got ideas where they should visit and what they should do? They're going in August this year.

15 February 2009

It's a hard life being Bruce!

Oh the shame of it! Who thought ginger and pink was a good look?

14 February 2009

A waste of good wine

I confess, I like hospital dramas. There you are, it's out there for all the world to know, sort of like an AA moment - "Hello, my name's Amanda and I like hospital dramas" I tend to record what I want to watch and then view it around kids and house in snatches. Occasionally, as last night, I get to sit down with a glass of wine and watch a bit while Hot-hubs is chef-ing. Holby City - I feel you cringe from here but come on, it's harmless as vices go - the story line unfolds about an adult with Aspergers' who's current obsession is his illness. Fine, no issues so far, then the consultant character says - and I quote as closely as I can - "Autism's a gift, no big deal, like being left handed." That's the wine spewing moment. "Like being left handed" Words fail me. Auntie Beeb has obviously sacked it's researchers. They certainly didn't ask any questions before that went out and I wonder how many people complained about the misrepresentation? Probably none. If a similar throw away coment had been made about a kid in a wheel chair you can bet the phone lines would have been jammed.

02 February 2009

Better late than never!

OK, so I'm a month late with this, the healthy eating and exercise routine has started today. We had a hideous weekend and ended up eating way too much pizza last night washed down with a couple of glasses of wine. The good thing is it triggered my "THAT is IT!" response so this morning I was up earlier and Meg has had a good walk round our forest circuit. I'm doing this every morning with her no matter what and timing myself so I can see any improvement and also get a bit fitter for the Race for Life on 9th May which I will be doing with Llama Chick. I'll let you know the details later but feel free to sponsor me! this mornings' time was 50:45 -not bad for a 4 mile circuit but I still hope to get it down nearer 45 or maybe faster. At the end of the day I will f course be governed by dodgy knees so no running for me...you burn more fat walking anyway.

Back to hideous weekend - Bear is off her ADHD meds and having got her over whatever ailment it was she is now making up for lost time. Obstructive, boisturous, I think the professionals call it "challenging behaviour" she may well end up back on the meds sooner rather than later. Scrumpy was doing a very good impression of normal hormonal teenager complete with door slamming and fighting sister. We made it to the playpark for 10 minutes (Bear refused to get out of the car) but that was about it.

Today they are in school, Scrumpy is away tonight and Bear has after school club. Surfer chick is back after a weeks' holiday and all is right with the world.

(Surfer Chick works with the girls after school most days and a day at the weekend. She loves water sports and snow sports so Surfer Chick it is!)

Ginger twits are now venturing outside first thing of a morning with Meg. Hot Hubby has confessed he would miss themif they went to live in the stable so they will live in but still go out at night to hunt. I'm thinking cat flaps everywhere EXCEPT the house so they don't bring anything home to play.