14 February 2009

A waste of good wine

I confess, I like hospital dramas. There you are, it's out there for all the world to know, sort of like an AA moment - "Hello, my name's Amanda and I like hospital dramas" I tend to record what I want to watch and then view it around kids and house in snatches. Occasionally, as last night, I get to sit down with a glass of wine and watch a bit while Hot-hubs is chef-ing. Holby City - I feel you cringe from here but come on, it's harmless as vices go - the story line unfolds about an adult with Aspergers' who's current obsession is his illness. Fine, no issues so far, then the consultant character says - and I quote as closely as I can - "Autism's a gift, no big deal, like being left handed." That's the wine spewing moment. "Like being left handed" Words fail me. Auntie Beeb has obviously sacked it's researchers. They certainly didn't ask any questions before that went out and I wonder how many people complained about the misrepresentation? Probably none. If a similar throw away coment had been made about a kid in a wheel chair you can bet the phone lines would have been jammed.

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Michelle O'Neil said...

It certianly is trendy to have Asperger's on TV these days. Each writer should have to spend a week with a child or adult with the condition before writing a word on the subject.