10 October 2010

Moving on

We thought we'd found our second dog but by day two she had to go back to the shelter due to way to much interest in chasing things and being we are surrounded by sheep and cattle that's not a good thing - especially as she didn't respond to her name out side at all. The cats were terrified and she almost got her head stuck under the fence chasing them (which was quite funny) but not a good fit so still a one (very special) dog family.

The ducklings are growing well and are starting to get their adult feathers. I've had to make a temporary shelter for them as they won't all fit in the nursery block duck house using feed sacks. The Font of all Knowledge would have a fit if he saw it, but I'm quite pleased with my ingenious disposable design. Time will tell if it's a little too disposable but the ducks seem happy enough.

We survived the October holiday with new holiday/relief staff standing in for our regulars - everyone was off having fun without us! The girls also had days in Holiday club which they just loved so aside from the usual chaos of seizures and sleeplessness we had a good time.

Scrumpy had a blast over Halloween going to the youth club disco in her witches outfit and Bear was just delighted to hollow out the pumpkin before we calved a face, all those squishy bits and slimy seeds added up to Bear heaven for about an hour.

The winter delights continue a pace with Bonfire night on Friday. We'll be doing our usual trip to Cromarty and this year will venture to do sparklers - we've had practice in the garden and both girls have got the hang of them so here's hoping for a dry night and warm wellies.

Our rash of visitors continues with friends staying while they house hunt. We've had Grammy and Uncle David, 'lare and 'gela, Gran and now Sue and Kevin all in the last 7 weeks or so. Love them all as I do I will be so happy to be visitor free, and the good news is the hunt may be overbefore it really got going so all good news.