27 November 2009

Hijack a Holiday!


To one and all but especially those across the pond!

Remembering how lucky we are is always a good thing but turkey and pumpkin pie will not be on my list of good things...bleuch!

21 November 2009

Live and unleashed!

Click here for the link to BBC Scotland iPlayer and we're about 45 minutes in...I'm not sure if people outside the UK can see it but this was our four minutes of fame! Feel free to laugh, cry and comment - it's only up until 28th November so don't say I didn't warn you.

03 November 2009

I'll not let it go to my head......

Had a call from the BBC. Our producer spoke to Press Office and now they want to use us for the advertisements for Children in Need.

Tesco shopping will never be the same again

- "Do I know you?"
- "Oh you may have seen me on the telly...."

Can you imagine it?? Oh this is just so funny!!

One neighbour is in on the reality TV joke and is primed to confirm if asked by the one who "happened to walk by" when we had our day filming. I'll let you know if it comes off, well, I'll get my people to tell your people.....