21 November 2009

Live and unleashed!

Click here for the link to BBC Scotland iPlayer and we're about 45 minutes in...I'm not sure if people outside the UK can see it but this was our four minutes of fame! Feel free to laugh, cry and comment - it's only up until 28th November so don't say I didn't warn you.

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Ink and Beans said...

Amanda! I've been such a neglectful blogosphere friend. But make no mistake I'm so happy and greatful every time I hear from you.

Just catching up on some Highland Madness and -- oh my God -- did I REALLY miss my chance to see you and the family on BBC? I checked the link but as promised, the video appears to be no longer available. What torment!

And yes, I did get a fancy-dancy iPhone, which might as well be called a godPhone. You'll fall in line, just like I did.