28 February 2008

Things you find when you're not cleaning the bathroom...

I was not cleaning the bathroom and found this on-line. I thought it was really funny!


and DO NOT click here if you are easily offended but it is funny


At some point when I'm not hoovering or something equally thrilling I might figure out how to do a link thingy properly.

I've just noticed I'm using "thingy" a lot...must be my word of the week!

Now I really must go and do something about the bathroom - flood aftermath about covers it!

26 February 2008

I know you're out there...

I know you're out there and I can see where you are so somebody say something!!

Stop lurking! I love to hear from friends old and new - and old ones if you don't want to use your real name use a nickname and I'll try and guess who you are. Since my last instruction class the page has changed so now all you do is your comment and the verification thingy and then click n the name/url button and type in your chosen name. You see? EASY so try it.

23 February 2008

Fundraising time!!

We're organising a fund raising evening so far involving a box supper and a ceilidh washed down with a beer and wine bar in aid of a local charity that provides holiday clubs, youth clubs, YOFI groups and after school clubs for children and young people affected by disability. SOAR Youth Projects are a total life saver for families with children with special needs so dig deep and let me know if you would like to support us with donations for the raffle, auction or bank account.

This event is specifically raising funds for a sensory room trailer which can be used at the holiday club venues and also by schools in the area who a have children who would benefit from the equipment but don't have the facilities themselves.

Once all the details are confirmed I will be advertising the event so watch this space!

PS Catherine taught me how to predictive text - be afraid, be very afraid, I have 314 free texts and know how to use them!

18 February 2008

What makes me madder than a box of frogs?

I found it. The thing that's more irritating than spam. Predictive text. I finally had to give up my ancient yet Amanda friendly mobile as it gave up the ghost - well battery and signal - and had to get a new-fangled one which so far is not Amanda friendly. There's just too much on it and I went for the simplest one they had! It came with a load of free texts so I have been trying to use them rather than call, seeing as they're free (and we all love a bargain don't we?), and had to spend HALF AN HOUR trying to turn the *!@! predictive text off! What is the point of it? Why can't I just write the letter I want - let's say a g - without it turning into an I?? Anyway, panic over, it's off and it's staying off. Call me old fashioned but I like to do the talking and I don't expect my phone to answer me back!

PS We are now a two tractor family but tractor 1 is poorly and currently undergoing a transfusion.

18th February

13 February 2008

Update and pictures...

Here's our shiny new poly tunnel. Please note crispy blue sky and sunshine! OK, so we haven't actually got anything in there yet but the box containing 67 varieties of veg seeds did arrive yesterday. All I've done with it so far is check it's all there and sort it into herbs/salad/root etc but seeing as we're scheduled to have a third day (count'em t-h-r-e-e!!) of dry crispy blue sunshine we should be able to get going in the tunnel quick smart.

And here's where the barn is going to be. I like to show before and after, that way you know how hard we worked! Now the field has dried out we'll be able to move the earth out the way ready to lay the concrete base.

And here's our growing collection of gadgets. I confess the nearest I get to using them is helping attach or detach them to the tractor for Hot-hubby to go tractoring....but what's this? Why we're soon to become a two tractor family no less!! How exciting is that?? Tomorrow is the day and I might just have to post a piccy of that too.

On to other news, last week's bad weather didn't bother us as Scrumpy had to go to hospital for two teeth to be removed. Bear went on holiday for a couple of nights so we didn't have to worry about her and that left me home alone - just me and the dog while Hot-hubby was the best daddy in the world with Scrumpy. How many times have I wished for that? Did I a)enjoy the solitude or b)spend all night worrying about my brood and what that noise was? (This is not a contest, who do you think I am? Manic Mummy?) Let's just remind ourselves to be careful what we wish for!

And just for the "Awww!" factor here's a piccy of the keeper of my sanity, Meg, in one of her favourite places, the beach.

13th February

12 February 2008

Phew! What a week it was and is!!

12th February

Well I'm just letting you all know I'm still doing this blog thing, just too busy just now to fit anything in!

Oh, and for all my blog-virgin friends who are struggling to leave a comment (you now who you are - and thanks for the emails!) all you have to do is write your note in the big box, then type the letters of the word verification in the little box and lastly click on nickname and type in your name and then click post comment - so that would be a double lastly then...should work but sometimes takes a couple of goes.

At least I'm not really a Billy no-mates, it just looks that way!

03 February 2008

Snow, perfect snow!

Little Helpers flight arrived and landed in a ten minute window between snow showers, avoiding a divert and 4 hours on a bus to get here. Snow fell at home to three inches over night and much to the delight of Scrumpy and Bear it was good snow to go "sliding snow" (sledging!). It was not good snow for snowman building but by then we were all too tired from sledging to care much.

Last night we had high winds and I think maybe a little rain as now the snow is nearly gone and school will be open as usual. As I say, perfect snow!!

Sorry no photos due to having too much fun!

01 February 2008

Sploshing off the wagon

Sad to say hot-hubby and I fell off the HEP wagon last night and have been regreting it ever since. Even more sad to say the promised snow did not materialise, just high winds and more r a i n. Progress stilll stoped and nothing to play in. Except mud and puddles.