28 February 2008

Things you find when you're not cleaning the bathroom...

I was not cleaning the bathroom and found this on-line. I thought it was really funny!


and DO NOT click here if you are easily offended but it is funny


At some point when I'm not hoovering or something equally thrilling I might figure out how to do a link thingy properly.

I've just noticed I'm using "thingy" a lot...must be my word of the week!

Now I really must go and do something about the bathroom - flood aftermath about covers it!


Catherine said...

Can't find how to link into the thingys you were watching on youtube so don't know if I'm offended though by copy and paste i got a link some how back to you. Predictive text is easier.
Hope the bathroom is restored.
Puppy has a greesticks fracture of her back leg so bathroom calls for her are tricky as we have to get a plastic bag on the leg before going out. Much fun!

Amanda said...

Catherine I will text you a possible answer....if I ever get a phone that works that is!