02 March 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Did you forget your mum today? You did? Naughty you! It's Mother's day to day and all Mum's should be spoilt rotten or at least as much as I was anyway!

I had hand made cards

Bear made me a jam tart in the true tradition of Mother's day - OK it should have been cake for historic accuracy but come on, she made it and it was diet bustingly good!

I had breakfast in bed with a Yummy Mummy mug around my coffee and no, funnily enough there are no photos of that!

I'm having a great day watching the snow with Scrumpy, chasing Bear with the scissors yet again and above all I feel loved.

If it's not Mother's day where you are call her anyway, hug your kids anyway and have a treat because today is a special day.


clare said...

Is it snowing again?
Scissors is her latest is it?

~Miss Nelson said...

Happy Mother's day to you!

Kim Stagliano said...

Happy Mother's Day! What a gorgeous jam tart (Ooooh! I feel Brit/UK'ish just saying that!) I ate Pannetone - does that count?

Robin said...

The tart looks yummy, care to share the recipe?

Catherine said...

Love the tart
I got a lovely hand made card too
Much better than something from the shops.

Manic Mom said...

Happy Belated! And again in May when it comes 'round here!

Jim Cooney said...

Lord, you scared the bejesus out of me! I thought I'd missed Mother's Day before I realized you were in Scotland. Thank God. My jumpy conclusion betrays my imperfect track record around this holiday, me thinks.

My office mate at work is going to love your blog (she LOVES everything organic).

Amanda said...

Jim I have a feeling Manic will keep you right on this one - I'm counting on her to let me know when I get to celebrate AGAIN!