15 March 2008

One year down, many more to go

Today, 15th March, marks the first anniversary of the start of life without Ollie. He is still sorely missed and Scrumpy still says "Ollie disappeared, Ollie sad" on a regular basis.

We chose to explain the loss as "Ollie finished" as this would mean something to Scrumpy and Bear. How else do you explain death to children? Hard enough but when you have to navigate autism as well it gets tricky. Very tricky.

For those who were not lucky enough to know my little boy he was the most lovely dog ever. Bear could twang his ears and wag his tail for him and that was just fine by him. They loved each other, and much as I would like to think he was my dog I know, in truth, his heart belonged to Bear.

Here he is again, being good and posing

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Michelle O'Neil said...

Aw. What a beautiful boy. May he rest in peace.