15 March 2008

Now I'm getting quietly excited...

Why? Because our barn arrived (in horizontal hail) and the nice man with the big trailer moved the door up from the bottom of the field so it's all in one place - in bits. But more to the point, and I feel I should be whispering this, it hasn't rained significantly for two days.

Hot-hubby has almost finished the propagator boxes and I am about to plant something more interesting than wellies in mud. It's tricky, because once I plant we only have a set number of days before it has to go somewhere which means we have to make significant progress outside which means our current state of almost drying out has to continue and in fact pick up the pace a little. We have 20 tonnes of poo, half a tonne of NPK (that's a fertilizer) and about 300kg of lime to get on to the ground and funnily enough I would rather not have "help" from Scrumpy and Bear who start Easter holidays far too soon.

On other news - my new best blog-buddy Julie Buxbaum has donated a signed copy of her new book "The opposite of love" for our fund raiser. How generous is that? Got a book you want plugged? It'll cost you a signed copy but I'll flaunt it recklessly!

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