06 March 2008

Open Message

To who ever is doing the rain dance

You can stop NOW.

Quit jigging

I need at least a week of dry weather - two would be better - I am not happy.

So why the picture? This rain is SO depressing. I am not happy, I was looking for a dancing picture and found this - it made me smile and being an otter he most likely is doing a rain dance!


catherine said...

Your turning into a farmer - always the wrong weather.
Watch out you'll turn into one of the grumpy B's that are so common in this neck of the woods.

Rebecca said...

Great pic. But, unfortunately it is making me want a beer with my cereal! ;)

Kim Stagliano said...

You otter be here in America! Rain! Snow! Tornadoes! A president with the IQ of an otter!

Here's to dry wits and dry land.