30 March 2008

Today's the day!

It's here already, today it's officially summer. I rather tentitively peeked out the curtains this morning and was pleasantly surprised by a not bad day - it's (so far!) not raining and when I let Meg out there was no icey blast. Not bad at all.

News in brief -the barn is still in bits, the ground is still too wet to dig foundations or plough, but progress will be made today when I uproot the strawberries and move them out the way ready for the muck spreading, fertilizing etc. after which they will be rehomed in a lushous bed ready to produce a bumper crop.

This year I'm hoping for more of this

and less of this

Yes, that was our car last summer, if you can call it that, flash floods and all.


Kim Stagliano said...

How DO you drive that thing with the wheel way over there?????

Kim Stagliano said...

Oh. Is that shoe floating? On dear. The wheel is fine then. It's the water that's the problem. My bad.

Amanda said...

Yes that's Bear's trainer floating in the front footwell after we got caught in a flashflood last summer. Me on my own with two autistic kids and no signal onmy phone - not my favourite moment!

Robin said...

We have already had some flooding in my neck of the wood. My friend's house is still surrounded by sand bags.

Does your car still run?

Amanda said...

Robin it was filled with water to the bottom of the windows and was written off.