02 April 2008

Never mind the honey....

Bear's love mud! Well, mine does anyway. Lots of icky sticky squishy mud. The icky stickier the better. We had a rough night last night, Bear had a tummy bug which gave her agonising cramps and vomiting - bad, but she learned how to get it all in the bowl - good!

Feeling up to taking advantage of the warm spring sunshine (yes, I said warm spring sunshine!) Bear decided to check out all her wallowing holes just to make sure they still worked - which they did - in her pj's. She "found" a "stick" which was attached to my cherry tree and looked amazed when I explained it wasn't a good idea and if she left it where it was she could have cherries later in the year. The face said "Mum, it's a stick. I see no cherries."

This just in - there are plants in our poly tunnel and they aren't weeds! I have dug up and potted 127 strawberry plants ready to be replanted in a lushous enriched ridged bed. (We're ridging everything this year,lesson learned last year) and hot-hubby is, as I type, putting the finishing touches to the propergator which will have temporary residance in the front lounge. I am now taking bets on how long the seedlings will last with Bear's "help".

Please note I have not said we have had three days of pretty decent weather and I did not report having washing drying outside two days on the trot so the rain dancer doesn't need to break out the tap shoes again. OK? OK.


Jules said...

Hope your sweet bear is feeling better now.

Robin said...

You won't have to worry about rain for awhile, because we are getting the earth's share on this side of the globe.

Glad to see Bear found the therapeutic use for mud.

Amanda said...

Robin I have every clean in door option known to shopping this side of the globe - we have moon sand, magic sand (moulds under water but runs through your fingers dry if you lift it out), play dough in every colour...but the all time never to be beaten fav is the real macoy mud by the dogwoods!