11 April 2008

Easter Holidays, Recycling and Visitors

News in brief - the kids went back to school in Tuesday, Bear managed to go without a sick bowl but Scrumpy needed a shot of it on Thursday and had to stay home Friday. She seems to be recovering better than Bear did, most likely due to the fact she is easier to keep away from food than the Bear.

Hot-hubby's latest creation is now in pride of place in the poly tunnel. We had to carry the propagator which includes at least two bags of sand over wellie eating mud and get it up onto the new workbench. We fell, we lost boots, we have injuries but it is in place and waiting for seeds to be planted. The bench is a work of recycled art and is in fact Bear's old bed with the legs cut down a bit. She had a high bed for a while, you know, one of those ones that has a chair underneath as we thought it would be a safer way for her to be high (as opposed to climbing on top of the wardrobe which she was doing) but she bounced on it too many times and it died.

We have also recyled by shopping at the charity shop to get a garden table and bench set that is too heavy for Bear to move, we think, and some planters for herbs. Needless to say it poured with rain when we had to pick it all up.

Last news - my Mother is here. Enough said, excpet she goes again on Wednesday.

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