21 September 2008

Scrumpy turns 11!!

I can hardly beleive it but Scrumpy is 11. She has had the most amazing brithday weekend with a party and chocolate cake a la Hot -hubby's at school on Friday, cake and candles at play scheme on Saturday followed by tea at Burger King then home for cards and presents and blackerry and fruit picking on Sunday. It doesn't end there - next weekend it all starts again when family visit for more cake and candles and presents and cards. Birthday octave? This is birthday bonanza!!

Yes, you read that right, fruit picking. Scrumpy LOVES fruit picking, just don't expect to get any of it home! That'll be her five a day for the next week or two...

17 September 2008

Hot -Hubby has been peeking.....

PS I've had a complaint about misrepresentation - to be clear, picture of M3 is newer than the one we had and ours was green but that was the only picture I found on the net so illustration only. The picture of the Morris really is/was mine and the picture of the MX5 is actually an older model than the one we're getting and ours is in black but you get the idea!!

15 September 2008

Reasons to be cheerful

What do you get if you cross one of these

with one of these?



Yes, amongst other things the credit crunch has hit the House of Highland Madness. Hot-Hubby and I have combined our toys into one little bundle of joy. Yes, I was very sad to see my little Moggy go but it was time to part company. She had to come out of her cosy little garage to sit in the elements when the extension started and she didn't like it. Not even a little bit. We have had a lot of fun over the eight years we've had her (yes her - Beatrice) but a new era has dawned and it's more "VROOOM" than "Parp Parp".

The MX5 will be arriving shortly and no doubt you will hear all about it in a future post as we plan our highspeed adventures around the Highlands and beyond.

Now, you would have thought that was reason enough to put a smile on my face but we have another. I'm so excited - it's such an embarrasement of riches - but we - Hot-hubs and me, no kids, dog or birds, are getting away for not one, not two but FOUR nights!! Can you beleive it?? Mind, the planning, favours called and owed and down right sculduggery that has forgone this adventure we'll need it. And we have a reason for this indulgence other than all the really good excuses I could give in that my very best friend of over 20 years, she who introduced me to Hot-hubby, is getting married at the other end of the island. We're flyig down and hiring a car so we can make the most of our time. I just hope we're busy enough so we don't have time to miss our girls - two nights away (Dad's wedding last year) was bad enough, not really sure how I'll be after four but I'm looking forward to all my adventure time and glossing over the issue.

Full report to follow the event....well that of course depends on what happens....it might be edited highlights!!

02 September 2008


Yes, we are getting old, or as I like to think of it, growing up! Hot -Hubby had a special day recently and was spoilt rotten with cakes galore...

Catherine made this amazing cake complete with veg patch and poly tunnel, only missing the tractor but that would have been a bit tricky in icing.

By request and tradition I made chocolate cake - I could tell you the recipe but then I'd have to kill you. I will say good chocolate cake requires dark sugar and a bare minimum of 1 1/2 oz organic cocoa powder.

Hot-Hubby is feeling creaky and not at all happy about being beyond 30 something, but consoled himself by playing driving games on his new XBox. At least when you're a "Golf Widow" you're not still tripping over them....