21 September 2008

Scrumpy turns 11!!

I can hardly beleive it but Scrumpy is 11. She has had the most amazing brithday weekend with a party and chocolate cake a la Hot -hubby's at school on Friday, cake and candles at play scheme on Saturday followed by tea at Burger King then home for cards and presents and blackerry and fruit picking on Sunday. It doesn't end there - next weekend it all starts again when family visit for more cake and candles and presents and cards. Birthday octave? This is birthday bonanza!!

Yes, you read that right, fruit picking. Scrumpy LOVES fruit picking, just don't expect to get any of it home! That'll be her five a day for the next week or two...


Kim Stagliano said...

Happy Birthday Miss Scrumpy!!!!


Mrs. Stag from across the pond

Clare said...

Happy Birthday Scrumpy. Give her a hug from me!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Happy Birthday! October is a great month to be born!

ink and beans said...

I won't point out that I'm commenting on a post that's three weeks old (oops).

Instead, I'll simply wish Scrumpy a belated happy birthday.

And what do you mean "illegal substance?" If you're going to accuse me of being under the influence while writing you'd better be specific (both in terms of what I said and where that gave you such an impression, and also the substance suspected).

ink and beans said...

Sorry the chapter isn't grabbing you! If you care to elaborate a little I'd be curious to know where it's tripping you up. Is it the dream sequence at the beginning, or the whole thing?