18 February 2008

What makes me madder than a box of frogs?

I found it. The thing that's more irritating than spam. Predictive text. I finally had to give up my ancient yet Amanda friendly mobile as it gave up the ghost - well battery and signal - and had to get a new-fangled one which so far is not Amanda friendly. There's just too much on it and I went for the simplest one they had! It came with a load of free texts so I have been trying to use them rather than call, seeing as they're free (and we all love a bargain don't we?), and had to spend HALF AN HOUR trying to turn the *!@! predictive text off! What is the point of it? Why can't I just write the letter I want - let's say a g - without it turning into an I?? Anyway, panic over, it's off and it's staying off. Call me old fashioned but I like to do the talking and I don't expect my phone to answer me back!

PS We are now a two tractor family but tractor 1 is poorly and currently undergoing a transfusion.

18th February

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Catherine said...

It's daed easy,honest. The third year girls taught me last year while on the history trip, I was a bit of history as I couldn't Predictive text