03 February 2008

Snow, perfect snow!

Little Helpers flight arrived and landed in a ten minute window between snow showers, avoiding a divert and 4 hours on a bus to get here. Snow fell at home to three inches over night and much to the delight of Scrumpy and Bear it was good snow to go "sliding snow" (sledging!). It was not good snow for snowman building but by then we were all too tired from sledging to care much.

Last night we had high winds and I think maybe a little rain as now the snow is nearly gone and school will be open as usual. As I say, perfect snow!!

Sorry no photos due to having too much fun!


Manic Mom said...

I keep getting the UK and Australia confused! So when I read this, I thought, why is it snowing down under... DUH!

Amanda said...

Oh Manic, do you ski? Meet me in the Blue Mountains - AUSTRALIA - for a bit of Apres ski??

Jules said...

Well it's nice to hear you're enjoying the snow. But what about shoveling all the piles of lovely winter white (my LEAST favorite job)?

Or maybe no need to - living in your cozy nest way out back of beyond?

Amanda said...

Jules that's why it was SO perfect! It was gone next morning - and I mean gone like it was never there gone!

We have had snow late March and in to April in previous years so it's not over yet, not until it's gone from the Ben.

Kim Stagliano said...

Snow! Lovely stuff in small doses or one good walloping. I lived in Cleveland Ohio for ten years. I know snow. Here on the coast in CT we have far less snow - life's a bit easier.

Manic Mom said...

Ha, hell no I don't ski!!!! I have been to Switzerland though, does that count for ANYTHING! LOL