13 February 2008

Update and pictures...

Here's our shiny new poly tunnel. Please note crispy blue sky and sunshine! OK, so we haven't actually got anything in there yet but the box containing 67 varieties of veg seeds did arrive yesterday. All I've done with it so far is check it's all there and sort it into herbs/salad/root etc but seeing as we're scheduled to have a third day (count'em t-h-r-e-e!!) of dry crispy blue sunshine we should be able to get going in the tunnel quick smart.

And here's where the barn is going to be. I like to show before and after, that way you know how hard we worked! Now the field has dried out we'll be able to move the earth out the way ready to lay the concrete base.

And here's our growing collection of gadgets. I confess the nearest I get to using them is helping attach or detach them to the tractor for Hot-hubby to go tractoring....but what's this? Why we're soon to become a two tractor family no less!! How exciting is that?? Tomorrow is the day and I might just have to post a piccy of that too.

On to other news, last week's bad weather didn't bother us as Scrumpy had to go to hospital for two teeth to be removed. Bear went on holiday for a couple of nights so we didn't have to worry about her and that left me home alone - just me and the dog while Hot-hubby was the best daddy in the world with Scrumpy. How many times have I wished for that? Did I a)enjoy the solitude or b)spend all night worrying about my brood and what that noise was? (This is not a contest, who do you think I am? Manic Mummy?) Let's just remind ourselves to be careful what we wish for!

And just for the "Awww!" factor here's a piccy of the keeper of my sanity, Meg, in one of her favourite places, the beach.

13th February


Kim Stagliano said...

Wow! You do live in the country! Is that plastic thingy a hothouse?? Neat! How did Scrumpy injure her teeth? (My Dad's a dentist, I like to talk teeth.) Were they baby teeth?


Amanda said...

The poly tunnel is to grow things in, yes! scrumpy had to have 2 of her 6 teeth out as the enamel didn't form properly. Still taking painkillers, poor kid!