01 August 2008

Five weeks down, two to go...

Yep, the summer holidays are ALMOST over and the internet is back again!

We have been to the beach LOADS thanks to good weather and help and I have to say I am a very proud doggy owner - our Meg has been teaching other autistic kids to not be afraid of dogs. She is SOOOO good and SOOOO lovely and yes she was nearly kidnapped at the beach yesterday. She was playing with a little boy who has autism and his dad and grandad who were so chuffed because he usually freaks at the sight of a dog I think they had designs on encouraging her to go home with them....easily done as she's such a tart, she'd go if there was a ball involved.At this same beach trip Bear decided to have a total meltdown at going home time - just because we were and she wasn't ready to - and for the first time a very nice lady came over to ask if she was hurt and could she help? Above the screams my soggy helper (Bear + water, enough said!) explained she was autistic and whilst Bear drew breath I heard her say "Oh that's OK then." How totally cool is that?? Scrumpy is 11 next birthday and that is the first EVER time that's happened. For those of you not "in" the autism world, that's how to handle it.

Other news? Poly tunnel is looking like a jungle - cucumbers are tasting mighty fine and aubergines are looking good. Premieres (potatoes) are almost ready, hoping they'll be spot on for the next local sale on 16th August. Swedes are growing well and beetroot are golf ball size so looking promising.

The down side is that seeing as we have been having way too much fun with Scrumpy and Bear the day we put aside to prepare the ground for our second attempt carrots and parsnips it is POURING rain. No good for tractoring. Bugger.

If I can figure out how to get the photos off my phone and onto the computer I will post pics of the Mad Ukranian's chick. Photo-fest II to follow sometime soon - ish!


pat c said...

I'm going to go back into your archives to catch up. In the meantime, I take it swedes are sweet potatoes? Your garden sounds like its thriving! You call it Poly tunnel? So glad Meg is still with the family!! That would have been a killer! Unfortunately can't feed Jim anymore, we live in different states and don't feel bad, I haven't read any of Max either!! Will be in touch, pat

Amanda said...

A swede is also called a turnip - I think it might also be a rootebeger but that's from watching too much Winnie the Pooh so could be way off beam with that one! Anyway, it's not a sweet potato. My neighbours grow them and they're just too complicated for me.

A Ply tunnel is kind of a type of hot house - hmmmm, have a look at the back catalogue, I'm sure there's a piccy there some where.