15 March 2009

Hot-Hubby gets in touch with his feminine side!

On 21st March these legs will not only be sexy but waxed in public at the SOAR Fun Day. You can make it all worth while by making a donation HERE. I told him it wouldn't hurt so please be generous!

SOAR provide after school clubs, holiday clubs, youth clubs and a YOFI group (Youth Opportunity For Independance) for children and young people affected by disability.


Clare said...

Can I send you a donation? Poor him!

Amanda said...

All donations very gratefully received Clare - did you write our address down the last time or do you need it again?

Anonymous said...

Amanda! Hi!

Just wanted to tell you that I deleted my previous blog because I wanted to get rid of my YouTube Channel, but I had to delete that as well. :(

Anyway, I made a new one today, and it's still has the same name!

Just thought I'd leyt you know!