05 October 2009

Got something to say?

I LOVE getting comments on this blog or on Facebook. I also love to know who thinks what so I have gone down the comment moderation route and from now on no name, no comment.

Think it, say it stand by it.



Annicles said...

I completely agree with you.

By the way - I think it is great that you raise your own animals and then eat them. It's the way it ought to be if one is going to eat them. I am veggie because I don't think it is right to eat something I am not prepared to raise or slaughter. Good on you for doing it the old fashioned way.

I bet your kids are more than all right too.

Catherine said...

We're all looking forward to pork dinners shortly the pigs having gone to slaughter yesterday.The place is quite now they've gone. Trade you some for a duck? F is planning her next batch but is also considering getting a sow (well a piglet she can keep to breed from)
Never had a problem eating something I've bred, as you said you know it's had a good life, also like my pigs, i'm an omnivour if it's edible I'll give it a go!
Looking forward to our harvest supper

Amanda said...

Hi CC! Was hoping you would say that! Only did a few ducks today as they need a bit more fattening up, so the majority have come home with me for double rations...

Call you to finalise plans