25 January 2010

2010, Year of Action!

I decided this year to not make any New Year's Resolutions per se, and to just have an all encompassing "Year of Action" theme, so dodging all those negative vibes when I fail to live up to my resolution. I looked at the old spread sheet of weight loss (or not as the case may be!) and, to get back on track, I need to lose 10kg in 8 weeks.

Is this safe?

Absolutely, I have way more than 10kg spare.

Can I actually do it? Or could I really try to do it?

Yes, I can. The first part that is. I have the will power and the goal is set. By the time I collect my mother from the airport for a week's visit (yes, a whole week) I will be 10kg lighter.

2010, Year of Action!


Catherine said...

Got no idea if 10 kg in 8 weeks is safe 'cos I can't imagine in Kgs. Thought about it in bags of sugar and did the imperial conversion. Going to take will power! I'm just off to put away the marmalade and mint jelly I had put out to give you. Don't think it's going to have a place in your new eating plan.

Annicles said...

Go for it! I've just lost 9lbs in 3 weeks ( I have no idea what that is in kilos!) but if I can then you can!

Amanda said...

CC, that is the only possible good use of kg - it means absolutely nothing in real terms!!! You just have to make sure the numbers keep going down....by the way, Sean NEEDS mint jelly

And Annicles, thanks so much for the encouragement - I have to do this to avoid the usual ticking off as only my mother can - I'm hoping the added incentive will be enough to keep me going. Good for you losing 9lbs (just over 4kg), that must have you in credit after the Christmas excess, surely?!