21 July 2010

News in brief...

Bear decided to eat two AAA batteries - licked the innerds and decided against but still had to go to casualty for a check over. Thankfully we went to our local cottage hospital where you pretty much get seen on arrival.

Scrumpy went sale shopping on the first day of the Next sale and chose a pair of hareem pants and a top all on her own. Did you get that? On her own. In the Next sale. She had two carers with her for support and safety but she chose her own stuff, picked it out from the jumbled rails and said "I'd like this one" She's growing up!

Work sheets are being done three days a week - by BOTH girls so hopefully they'll pick up where they left off when they get back to school. Bear was less than impressed to begin with but is now doing them with good grace and attention.

The weather is still pants with the odd good day thrown in.

The poly tunnel is still a mess.

Today we lost a duck. Well, last night. Tiddler is missing and there were white feathers strewn about the place when I went out to them today. We had been leaving them out over night as they have a (previously) safe compound and they like to get all the bugs and beasties that come out at dusk and into the night. They'll be put away from now on, kicking and screaming no doubt.

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Clare said...

wow shopping for herself thats a big step!