24 April 2011

Choppy waters ahead...

Over the next two weeks we have some important meetings and decisions to make.

We have an appointment with the neurologist regarding Scrumpy, the VNS and where we can go now. Most likely place is Dundee to have a chat with the surgeons but you never know, he might have come up with some thing we haven't tried yet. I live in hope but I'm not holding my breath. That part happens every five days when we wait in trepidation for the seizure to happen. The good thing about increasing the medication is it has given us an extra day (at the moment) between seizures but the down side is it's another bad day spent on tenter hooks waiting for it to happen.

The other big meeting will be with school regarding Bear. You'll hear me giving it to them with both barrels way beyond the Highlands. I'm not a happy mummy.

For some time we have been waiting for the "Please don't bring her back" or "We don't think we're the best place for her" that her pre-school days were peppered with and just before the holidays we took a step nearerwith a note from one of her teachers saying she wasn't prepared to be responsible for her safety. Like I say, I am not happy. At all.

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