23 January 2013

A whole Year Later....

Time flies when you're having fun - and it's been a busy year!

Scrumpy has had to have her VNS removed due to an infection (May) and a second hospital stay (December) to try and replace it.  Sadly the scaring left from the first implant means a second is not an option, but we are grateful to the surgeon for trying his very best.

Life continues to challenge us all, Scrumpy continues to have major seizures every 4 or 5 days and has absences constantly.  Some days she's more absent than present!  We are supported by a good team and that makes a big difference to our life experiences.

The beautiful Bear has had a rough year with medication changes, increased seizure activity and sensory challenges.  Always a whirlwind, still a force of nature, now with a "Beleive the hype" sweatshirt to warn by-standers....

I find myself saying "Usual chaos, different day" so often when people ask "How are you?" or "How's it going?" just because those that get it get it and those that don't won't.  Sometimes, in fact most times, I don't have the energy to go in to the whys and wherefors and I guess that's exactly why this blog has been negected for 12 months.  I've been too taken up doing to report doing.

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