06 June 2008

Did ya miss me? Did ya?

After a long absence , I'm back to report on life in the house of Highland Madness!

First off, poly tunnel news - it's now full to bursting with plants and we have had our first salad leaves which of course were the best ever tasting in the world. We have cabbages, courgettes (zucchini for those across the pond), two types of lettuce, tomatoes, chillies, peppers, cucumbers, parsley, sweetcorn, two types of squash, cranberry and two types of grapes growing plus more seeds in the propagator for succession. We're hoping for a bumper harvest after all our hard work enriching the soil with muck and compost, sieving the top soil and loading it into raised beds (another engineering master piece from Hot Hubby!)

Veg patch news - I have planted 9 - yes count 'em - NINE rows of tatties of various kinds (a lot of roosters and some different types from The Font of All Knowledge) There's also beetroot, swede, carrot, parsnip, leeks, peas, red onion, white onion, spring onion (scallions for my US readers!) and strawberries.

So far the roosters are making a good show and we have fruit on the strawberry plants. Onions are sprouting and the spring onions that we started in the poly tunnel have not keeled over in the east wind that whips across our hill top. Strawberries, although fruiting, are looking a little wind battered but they should be OK. I'm a little worried our early potatoes haven't shown yet but The Font of All Knowledge says we should be OK.

And what's growing the best? Yep, you guessed it, WEEDS. At least this year we can get to remove them...

Orchard news - we have cherries on our trees and lots of blossom on the apples, pears and plums so deer allowing we should have some fruit this year. Glad to say no sign of the pear leaf spider mite we had last year.

Bird news - we have continued to have a steady-ish stream of eggs although production has been interrupted by a couple of broody birds and the introduction of six Lohmann Brown (egg machines, you know, the brown type you see on Jimmy's Farm). We have also doubled our duck family to have Malcolm and his harem of five.

Sadly we have had some illness and currently have two birds in isolation with respiratory infection that we have had to treat with antibiotics. Thankfully I think we caught it just in time and it hasn't spread any further through the flock. (Total head count is 24)

Also in bird news - WE MADE OUR FIRST SALE!!! Yes, we have sold eggs. We have received money! Up to now we had been bartering with them but we have a sale!

Scrumpy has been having some nosebleed issues and currently we are having to put cream up her nose, which, I have to say, is going very well. No problems getting it up there at all. The nosebleeds have been the abattoir kind of puddle type so I'm hoping the cream will do the trick and we won't have to go down the quarterize route as that would mean a GA and we don't really want that. Seizure activity is still more than we would like but it looks like we're going to have to ride the storm of puberty before we get a better handle on it.

School reports have been issued and Scrumpy is doing well. She's currently teaching herself Danish through the medium of simultaneous Winnie the Pooh on video and on DVD on the computer...

Bear is still being Bear. That statement will speak VOLUMES to those that know her and for those of you who don't let's just say antics include climbing out the window to go to the ducks, wrenching the door open on the bathroom cupboard to get to the goopy liquid soaps etc (through a maglock that is designed to keep adults with Prada Willie Syndrome away from food).

Her school report was very well written - "When in the mood....." We did laugh but on a serious note she is doing well in spite of the issues we have had this year with seizures and medication.

Hot Hubs and I are doing OK, aches and pains and all. We had a night away (!!) which was good for the soul (ahem!) and seeing as ticket sales for the summer dance didn't exactly fly we have cancelled and we, the organisers, are going out instead. Well, we couldn't waste babysitters could we?

The weather here has been just fabulous lately and I have been zooming around in my little blue car with the top down and the wind in my hair having a blast! It has passed it's MOT so another year of fun and frolics is mine for the driving.

Summer holidays, all seven weeks of them, are looming large and only four weeks away so time to get my military precision plan sorted and in place. We're hoping to have some help and therefore be able to get out and about this year so my sanity may remain intact. Notice I said may...

Oh good grief! I can't believe I almost forgot to tell you - our extension is under way and we currently have a very big hole where our yard used to be....along with temporary fencing to keep the birds in and a moved fence to keep Bear in the garden and out of said hole. It should be done by Christmas so not too long. I hope!

That's it for now but photos may follow if I get a chance in between everything else.

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Catherine said...

The Font of all Knowledge seems compleatly unfazed by this new title and is sitting God Like (think Budda)in frount of the telly though language is at times less God like as he's flicking between football and Spring watch.