22 June 2008

Like I always say, rubbish in, rubbish out...

Action on Additives Campaign

Tartrazine - E102 - artifical, yellow food colouring
Quinoline yellow - E104 - artifical, yellow food colouring
Sunset yellow - E110 - artifical, orange / yellow food colouring
Carmoisine - E122 - artifical, red food colouring
Ponceau 4R - E124 - artifical, red food colouring
Allura red - E129 - artifical red food colouring
Sodium benzoate - E211 - artifical preservative

These are the additives currently in the line of fire, but you can learn more about this excellent campaign here www.actiononadditves.com.

Oh, by the way, the planned photo-fest has been put back due to 2" rain falling today, and yesterday I was too busy doing a village sale!!! Sold all but 1 of my Marvel or Four seasons lettuce, several excess tomato and pepper plants and a few pots of parsley. Not bad for a two hour sale in the hall.


Catherine said...

Last day at school today so some time to view your suggested site. I'll have to get G to look at it. She, and all of her pals love sweets with additives 'cos they get high but she also says she gets low the next day if they've been pigging out.Better than binge drinking I suppose G's favourite drink is Irn Bru! Help!

Amanda said...

At least G knows she's getting high from the chemicals - and if that's the only chemical dalliance she has I think you've done a pretty good job!