22 July 2008

Keeping you in the picture...

Courgettes are doing well

Cucumbers and harvested coriander in the poly tunnel, sweetcorn and squash in the background

Meg was not sure about Domino who came for her holidays - yet another small thing to worry about!!

but she's getting braver with the ducks

Our extension is progressing

and due to school holidays that's your lot for now!

We have had a stand at the last two local producers markets and sold quite well - eggs, lettuce, coriander etc. the next one should be better as the potatoes and courgettes will be ready by then.

Scrumpy and Bear are having WAY to much fun at holiday club and as we have some help this summer we're keeping up at home too with trips out to the beach, park and cafe (stick that in your pipe and smoke it Michael Savage!)

(link takes you to another blog so scroll down and find the post - you will be amazed, and not in a good way!!)


Kim Stagliano said...

Another Brit word I don't know? What's a courgette?

You'll be happy to know I sport a can of Heinz Spotted Dick in my pantry. I had to buy it. My husband said, "What the hell is this?" "Oh, sponge cake with raisins. Isn't the name a howl?" He went off muttering something about my having the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy.

Amanda said...

A courgette is what you call a zucchini. (not sure if I've got enough c's and n's in that!)

REAL spotted Dick, which will taste TOTALLY different to that can, is a steamed suet sponge with currents - the quick way to cook it is wrapped in foil in the oven. In any case, don't forget to have a good slug of custard with it.

Kim Stagliano said...

Custard? Where the hell do I buy custard??? You're taxing me here. Most grocery stores here have quite a bit of Brit food, I must say. Aero's, Milk Bars, Tiger bars, Mmmmmmmm. Heinz salad cream (yuck.) Custard... Not clotted cream. Not pudding (the squishy American kind.) Not hard sauce. Custard. Forget it. I'll eat a Hershey bar. ;)

jim cooney said...

Finally had a chance to catch myself up on some highland madness today!

Amanda, as always, thank you so much for taking an interest in me and my writing. Hopefully within a month I'll start getting a few more people to comment in there, and I give you reign to keep 'em in line.

My mom, who keeps careful track of my blog and the comments, ADORES you by the way, and says whenever she finally makes it to Ireland she wants to stop over in Scotland just to meet you. (My mom is easy to win over, but she also has great taste!). I said if she does find the Highland Madness farm, she must dognap Meg for me, quite possibly the most beautiful pooch in the world!

Amanda said...

Why Jim what canine taste you have!! Although I have to say EVERYONE loves Meg...