28 December 2008

what happened to Twiglets?

This Christmas has been a Twiglet free affair here in the Highlands. No Twiglets anywhere. Is this a battle won by the Marmite Haters or are they another victim of the current financial crisis and no one told me?? Have the Marmite Lovers taken supplies hostage and not released any for us up here?

Twiglets - where are you??


clare said...

We have some done here!-atleast they were brought before christmas so I assume there are still some around. Do you want me to send you some with your childrens christmas presents?

Amanda said...

Crisis averted - we have some shipping over from Aberdeen!

Thanks Clare!

Michelle O'Neil said...

What's a twiglet?

Anyhoo, Happy New Year!!!

Amanda said...


Michelle you have not lived!! It's the most heavenly savoury snack ever invented and if you mail me your address I will send you some. AND they're good for you, full of whole wheat and B vitamins....YUM!