12 January 2009

Ginger Twits venture outside....

and back in again at a rapid rate!

Thinking Bruce and Tim needed to get more stimulation and, more importantly, off my kitchen table I tried to get them outside for a bit today. To start with, my big bad barn cats ran for the safety of their hidey hole in the coffee table when I opened the patio door, so following this flying start I grabbed Bruce and took him out. He was singularly unimpressed and showed it by scuttling back in the moment I put him down on the grass. Tim, being a girl, was more adventurous and got further out only to be beaten up by the birds. I had to rescue her from under the water butt. I think my fears of the birds getting attacked by the cats have been laid to rest.

So, we will try again tomorrow but in the mean time, if anyone has any good tips about training a stupid cat or two that paws belong on the floor or outside I'd be most grateful.

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