26 January 2009


We are now in the habit of feeding Bear's water addiction by going swimming on a Tuesday and Wednesday after school. Scrumpy just adores going too so it's a great night out as we stop off for chips in the cafe on the way home.

Last week we had a disaster I'm afraid to say of my making. Some how we managed to leave the house two kids, two carers one parent and a stack of bags only to get to the changing room to find we had managed to leave Bear's costume behind. It's pool side changing cubicles. The whole leisure centre knew Bear was not happy. I ran back to reception to ask if they had any costume in lost property or to buy - receptionist had a look but came up distressed and empty handed. While we were trying to figure out a way of getting round the missing costume issue - was pants and vest an option?? Bear was trying to limbo under the cubicle door naked. She was going in the pool, costume or not. Thankfully she is now too big to get under the door but she was giving it a good go.

Just when I was really starting to panic one of the poolside team went for a hunt around and came back proudly brandishing a suitable costume. He'd actually gone to find some shorts and was so pleased with himself to have found a costume. The smile that Bear gave him was reward enough.

This isn't the first time I have been moved by our leisure centre staff going the extra bit. We've been the only people in the pool in a disabled session and they've put water features on for us and run the flume. Just for us, to see my girls smile. That is special, and never will it be taken for granted and always will it be appreciated.


Grace Wallis Gibson said...

Hi Amanda,
I am so glad you let me know about your blog. Do you have alot of snow. I am wondering if your climate is similar to Canada.
Here it is cold, cold, cold and expecting snow again and possible school delay or snow day.
We have a cat too that sneaks up on the table any time there is a crumb left. She is very happy if she finds potato chips. she plays with the bag and eats the chips.

Amanda said...

Hi Grace! We don't have any snow right now but we haven't defrosted since before Christmas. We're most likely to get snow at the end of February and in to March - a couple of years ago we had about a foot of it on my Dad's birthday 23rd March!