23 May 2009

Every home should have one!

Sean's filling out nicely, all those early morning feeds are paying off. Unfortunately Spot didn't make it. He got pneumonia and despite my best efforts and the guiding hand of the Sheep Whisperer he is now pushing up the orchard. It was all valuable experience and hasn't put me off keeping livestock. Sean goes for a little trip to Munro's in the autumn when (fencing allowing!) pigs arrive. There is a hopefully minor hurdle to overcome for all of this to be successful. I need to learn to reverse a trailer. I'm hoping to persuade the Sheep Whisperer to teach me - apparently if I didn't have Grandma rights I'd have to take another test in which I would have to parallel park in a space no longer than 1.5 times the length of the rig drop the trailer then pull forward and reverse in to hitch up again only getting out the car three times. With 1" leeway each direction that's hard.


Clare said...


catherine said...

Grandma rights - didn't realise you were that old!

Amanda said...

Younger than you CC!!

Jim Cooney said...


So nice to hear from you --- thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. And who knew you could be sweet? (kidding, kidding!).

It's nice catching up on all the highland madness too. I made a small and after-the-fact donation to your Mum's charity walk.

Pray tell, has the grossly unfortunate vomit-and-laugh phase passed?