03 June 2009

What if....?

This, amongst other things, got me thinking again about the age old question - what if my girls were "normal"? Where would life have taken us? What would life be like? One thing for certain is we would not be here at Highland Madness. the girls being the way they are was the catalyst that gave us the push, the drive and the courage to make such a dramatic change to our lives, both geographically and actually. If they were "normal", we wouldn't have the quality of life we now have. Hot-hubby would still be working 25 hours a day, I would have gone back to work once the kids were at school, we would have lived comfortably, as we did in our previous life, but would we have been happy? My guess is probably not as happy as we are now, or maybe it would just be a different happiness.

All in all, I am so content here, having dropped out, planting trees and currently feeding lambs, thinking how tasty they're going to be and trying to remember to water the blasted poly tunnel.

I wrote this post some time ago and have been too busy to get round to publishing it. I can report no change, just more jobs and more planting - I'm on to veg and strawberries now!

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