29 September 2009

The deed is done

From this

to this

and then to my freezer.

Yesterday I took Sean to the slaughter house and next Tuesday I'll be collecting a big box of bits. I'm planning a celebration dinner of Roast Lamb and all the trimmings.

Actually, next Tuesday is shaping up to be a big day. Not only do I collect Sean but it's also the day I take the ducklings to be "processed". I'll have a far more hands on roll in their journey from field to freezer and, having had a training session I know what to expect, it's not so bad as you might imagine. I'll spare you the details but if you really want to know I'll email you.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely revolting.

Anonymous said...

I think you have to be one cold, twisted person to raise a lamb, form no attachment to it (and even name it-- WTF?) and then look forward to having it killed and "picking up the parts." God help your kids with that kind of personality.

Amanda said...


I was just wondering if you were a vegetarian or vegan? So pleased you have the courage of your own convictions to comment anonymously.

Unlike most commercial meat this lamb had a good life, was not routinely treated with antibiotics, or fed rubbish. It grazed on good grass and did what a sheep needs to do. At no time was he stressed or unhappy. I am not going to turn veggie so it is my duty to ensure the best living conditions I can for the meat I am going to eat. Meat does come from animals, not plastic bags in Tesco.

As for my personality, stop by a little more often and you will realise just how wrong you are.

My kids are doing brilliantly by the way.


Amanda said...

Oh and can I just refer you back to the post " I'm back", particularly the bit about my mixed feeling about Sean....

Ulrike said...

just read "anonymus" comment. Isn't it great how people can have an opinion - and a pretty strong one at that - which isn't based on knowing what you're all about but still decide to make a comment sound like a personal attack... and then be "brave" enough to post without even putting their name to it. I think what you're doing is great, think a lot of people could learn a thing or two. As for the kids, knowing them I know they're happy and healthy individuals, probably partly due to the fact you know exactly where their food comes from and where it's been! Sorry for the rant, but some people tend to annoy me, being all self-righteous like that. At least you know you're eating happy meat. oh, BTW, are all animals supposed to die of old age, possibly suffering from ilnesses and pain slong the way?