15 September 2010


We have a new helper with the girls - so far she has survived trial by swimming with Bear and also trial by beach on a cold day with Bear - she's doing well, even when Bear decided it was an excellent idea to combine the two...well, she only sat in the edge of the sea so not really swimming but she might just as well have been for the wetness/sand factor.

No seizures yet so hopefully she'll get training before she's in the deep end with that too, but despite our best efforts she's still with us, still keen and so far so good.

When we asked Bear if she liked her, she of very few words said "Good" What higher endorsement can there be?

Ducklings are doing great and growing like weeds, already twice the size they were and will shortly be on to duck grower rather than chick crumbs.

I have cleared all other eggs away as nothing was happening. It was a bit hopeful to have chicks so late in the year but as the hens were so broody I thought I'd give them a fair go. Let's see what happens next spring.

In other animal news, we are giving serious thought to getting a second dog. I confess to being lead astray by my good blog buddy Michelle but we, Hot-Hubs and me, feel Meg would like a friend. It'll be tricky to find the right friend though because, as those of you who have met my little sanity keeper will know, Meg is a people dog and whilst she likes to meet doggy friends she also likes to meet their humans too. Truth be told she loves anyone with a ball who'll throw it for her and much as I love to think of her as mine she is a bit of a tart like that. The other thing to consider is we are firm believers in getting second hand dogs for two reasons:

1 - there are SO many dogs who need a home

2 - we don't have the time or household to train a puppy so a dog that already has the basics is a good thing.

3 - both Ollie and Meg were rescue dogs and both were and are the most amazing, loving, patient creatures ever.

OK that's three reasons. Guess we'll be visiting the local shelter a few times. I've already got a note of the visiting hours ...because it's something Bear would like to do and it's free (Yep, he fell for that one!)

We're looking for a boarder collie or similar about a year - 18 months old who's good with poultry, sheep, other dogs, cats and kids. Easy?


Annicles said...

The new helpr sounds good. I hope she's still working out well. At least Bear likes her.
As for the dog - good luck. I have never been able to trust them since I was viciously attacked by a friends dog as a child. As far as I am concerned they are badly mutated immature wolves!

Amanda said...

Oh Annicles I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience. Meg could change your opinion, she's such a super dog, she has even had a severely autistic child (not mine!) who was terrified of dogs playing with her within twenty minutes of meeting on the beach. She is very special

Casdok said...

Your new helper sounds wonderful! Hope you find a dog that fits in well :)

Anonymous said...


Good luck with your doggie search!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda! It's me, Alice!
I'll admit I was suprised to find that you're now following my blog, but here I am, following yours. About that comment you left on my blog, Anime is the one on TV and film while Manga is a printed comic. I highly recomend Sprited Away, which is an Anime. Never seen it, but every one says it's good, so I'm recomending it. Getting a new dog sounds great, but I'm a little worried that your house will be a bit overcrowded.