05 September 2010

We have Ducklings

Yes, after much heartache and misadventure we have 12 duckling from two hatchings.

This is Gracie with her 10

And this is Wander (at the front) with one of hers just moments after hatching. Tiddler (in the background) may be about to hatch a couple too. As you can see they seem to have a habit of brooding eggs right in the wrong place - first Wander thought it an excellent idea to sit under the topper in the front field, now with a little more success she thought rightin the doorway of the hen house was a good bet. Only thing is every time a chicken went in or out they had to stomp all over her and got pecked and prodded for their trouble, poor things!

I'm having to monitor the bird situation very carefully to avoid casualty to crows and/or cats. The move to the nursery block from the hen house (she was under the roosting bars!) was a little traumatic for Gracie but she's over it now and guarding her babies well.

At least this means I'll be able to give the chicken house a really good clean out - ducks don't see cleaning as a necessary part of life and will attack you for getting too close, although they do like having new bedding when the maids' been in!


Annicles said...

Isn't it rather late in the year for ducklings? How are the girls enjoying the new additions. If they are anything like my children you'll have to put being loved to death on your list of things to watch out for. Nothing like an over loving child!!!

Amanda said...

Annicles these are Muscovy ducks who lay eggs through the summer so September hatching is not uncommon. Every other kind of duck is a Mallard derivative so Muscovies are the only distinct breed.

Amanda said...

Oh, and yes, they are in the nursery block for child protection issues too!!

Catherine said...

Just told A your news. Being a girl she said Ahhhh but then being a good farm child she said Mmm Food, I love roast Duck.
I have to confess that was my first thought to, last years were sooo goood.

Amanda said...

CC your pork was tasty too - up for a swap?