01 May 2008

Polytunnel News

We have Lift off! Two varieties of lettuce and the spring onions are sprouting so the propagator works. Another triumph of engineering from Hot-hubby. The sweetcorn is sprouting and we have new growth and flowers on the strawberry plants. No more water disasters as I have put a sign on the door to remind "people" to turn the tap off.

The chucks and quacks are settling in well and chucks are keeping us in eggs already - they are on the small side as the birds are young but very tasty and soon they'll be that bit bigger. Quacks have yet to produce but they take longer to settle so no worries there, we've only had them for a week after all. Bear is giving them lots of exercise so could be a minor miracle if we get duck eggs!

One piece of sad news - we lost a chuck on the first day due to not realising how small a gap they could get through and next door's dog ate it. The garden is now chuck proof as well as Bear proof. Meg still scared of them but getting braver.

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