11 May 2008

Things you wish you hadn't said

A while a go Scrumpy took to having a bed time story again (a welcome return!!) after a period of finding it too hard to share a book. It has been "Little Robin Red Vest" for AGES and I now know it off by heart cover to cover. Last night as we were doing our bed time routine she had a slight panic because having made her room look like the average almost 11 year-olds' bedroom she couldn't find "Little Robin" I decided to capitalise on the situation and get her to have a different book which got the reply of "and then Little Robin".

We read the "new" story which she enjoyed and then the moment came for "Little Robin". I said "It's OK, it's in my head" as she was diving under the bed. Scrumpy wriggled out from under the bed, looked at me like I was mad and, as the words came out of my mouth, proceeded to lift my hair up and look for Little Robin.

I will now have to find the blasted book, which may have been kidnapped by Bear, or I fear I will be scalped, most likely mid-recital...


Kim Stagliano said...

We interrupt this blog post to wish you a happy American Mother's Day!


Amanda said...

Thanks Kim!