01 May 2008

What do you think?

On BBC breakfast news yesterday there was a story about the 15 year old star of Hannah Montana (what ever that is!) posing in the buff for Vanity Fair magazine. They showed one of the pictures and I'm happy to say she was not exposing anything you wouldn't see on the beach. However, the pose was provocative so my question is - Should a Disney starlet be posing for photos of this nature? Are we more worried because she's 15 or because she works for Disney? She was reported to be embarrassed by the results so was she that comfortable doing it?


Kim Stagliano said...

We've sexualized our girls from age 5 and up. Now we're supposed to be scandalized that Miley Cyrus at 15, is putting herself across as a grown woman? Puleeze. For several seasons here you couldn't buy a pair of shorts that covered your daughter's koochie. T-shirts read, "Vixen" for a 7 year old. And A&F sold thongs for tots. Our kids are no longer allowed to be children. It's sadder than sad.
Miley Cyrus is a gorgeous young woman. No longer a "Tween but really not yet a woman. I feel for the child - and I think her parents are idiots. It usually comes back to the parents. The Lohans ring a bell?

Hello, Amanda! I was sick sick sick this week. Ah, better now!

Amanda said...

Kimmy! There you are - I wondered what was happening chez-Stalingo.

Hope you managed to be selfish with your bugs and not share with the girls and Mark.

That was kind of my point - what was so different about this kid and these photos when we are already surrounded by similar? It isn't right in either case. At 15 years old she should STILL be in full size garments that were not shrunk to fit.

Anonymous said...

I admit that two or three years ago I'd have not had strong feelings one way or the other. But the photos are suggestive, even if they could possibly be interpreted some other way.

The powers that be are already nudging her transformation into a sex symbol. It's subtle but shameful. Where are the people protecting her, raising the flag and saying "You know what? She's too young for THAT." At best this is a massive parental oversight. But considering how many other people she's making rich, I would have hoped there would be others out there looking out for her.

I'm glad there was a backlash. If she has any TRUE friends in her professional life (and maybe that's unlikely) then they failed her here.

P.S. Thanks for the comments on my "Patiently Writing Dreams" post Amanda. I wrote a reply.


jim cooney said...

P.P.S. That "anonymous comment was from me, Jim!

jim coone said...

P.P.P.S. And when I said two or three years ago I wouldn't have felt strongly one way or the other, I meant to add that what changed my mindset is the awful state of affairs for Lindsey and Brittney, who were immersed in the same damaging lifestyle, and probably encouraged to make the same poor decisions, that Mylie Cyrus is now at risk for. (I hate that I can't edit comments).