21 November 2008

Bear Update

Bear is still on her language spurt. Cats are earning their keep! Lots of "Daddy" and "Mummy" and tonight "Ritz" for the required savoury biscuit AND generalised it to ask Daddy!

Also in cat news...Hot-Hubby thinks they "need" to come through to the front room for a cuddle at night "so they get more used to us" They are growing like weeds and feel like they have doubled in size in the two weeks we have had them.

In duck news - they're taking over the asylum!!

and yes that's snow on our roof - more falling at time of writing so hoping for enough for sledging or a melt by morning. Nothing more irritating for Scrumpy than not enough snow!


Clare said...

Yeah Bear!! fantastic

Michelle O'Neil said...

Always a blessing when they ask Daddy (instead of mommy)for anything.

And are those really ducks? They look like pigeons!

Amanda said...

Michelle, just for you I will post a picture of my ducks next to something for scale - they're about 5 times the size of pigeons!! THis si what happens when you don't clip their wings.