11 November 2008

Mid-week Highland Madess Howler

Put your tea/coffee down and watch this but please be warned, language is definitely "adult theme"

And for those of you preferring "Aww!" to "BWAHAHAHA!!" here's a picture of Squeak - sibling Ratty is the same colour but slightly shorter coat and more of a splodge than stripe effect. Squeak is more adventurous (or should that be less clever?) and got stuck down the wall this morning - stupid cat had climbed up the wood pile and over the gap at ceiling height into the tackroom nextdoor to the stable (we use it as a garden shed.) Did Squeak land in the comparitavely vast area of the tackroom? No, stupid cat fell down the wall - a gap of about 3" at most - and I had to pull the hardboard off to let the thing out. Then I had to catch it - Squeak NOT impressed!

But none the worse for wear

and still cute, for a cat.

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