13 November 2008

osina not othy - now it all makes sense!

Cats have had a trip to the vet where it was confirmed that Tim is actually a girl. Need I say more?

Tim gets stuck, Tim shouts for help. Bruce gets stuck, sits there silently like a numpty.

Both are growing on me and purr like out board motors, so much so that Tim had to have surgical spirit wafted up her nose to help stop her purring so the vet could hear her chest! Tim also had to have her eye checked but all in order except a short course of antibiotics to cover cat flu infection.

Bear is still besotted. Scrumpy also quite beside herself and wants to hug them all the time. They are now dual purpose cats, big bad barn therapy cats. Bear has said more sentences since we had the cats indoors than she has said in the last year. Never underestimate the power of animals.


Clare said...

Bear might like the cats but do the cats like bear? Glad to hear about her talking. Angela says what does meg think of the cats?

Amanda said...

Meg just worried about yet another small thing in the house, cats quite happy about Bear as long as she doesn't squeal too loudly.

Michelle O'Neil said...


Purr and meow.

(Thanks for your kind comments today).

ink and beans said...

Nice. Cats have a lot of attitude, but I can't help loving them. (I'm also mildly allergic, but even so).

Blue Pens? Or Black Pens? Take my poll!

Pat C said...

You are soooooo right in not underestimating animal power! Usually when cats get hugged & kissed right from the very beginning, as these cats are, they usually will thrive on it as they get older. (of course, there goes the Big Bad Barn cat theory, but then, so what, right?