22 February 2010

We came, Wii saw, we ate cake!

Well, Bear's birthday weekend was a hoot! *On the Friday we went to Catherine's house and had a shot on her Wii. I'm pleased to say both girls were interested and although Bear will need some practice to get the coordination I think it's a goer. I think we'd get a lot of use of one as a family - and the wii fit would be quite handy right now, especially as we can now confirm the baking gene has definately passed to the youngest. Mmmmmm cake! Yummy! A visit to the pigs finished the afternoon and we went home to plan the rest of the weekend.

Saturday we went for a walk at Dornoch beach. It was a beautiful day and we had great fun rock pooling in wellies, one of Bear's most favourite things in the entire universe. We regreted not taking the kite to take advantage of the breeze but enjoyed someone else's rather fancy one. Back to the car for a few refreshments then off to the play park for swings.

We had planned to go to the Highland wildlife park on Monday but that didn't work out due to seizures and the currently traditional Sunday night havoc so Bear went to the Floral Hall (a favourite spot!) and then swimming while Scrumpy and I went shopping (equally a favourite option)

The wild life park was put off again as Scrumpy and I had a mother-daughter date with CC and the middle one to see the new Disney film "Princess and the frog" which we enjoyed, although it was a bit slow in parts, good music and a proper Disney croc pulled it off.

Wednesday we finally made it to the wildlife park and saw loads of animals - snow monkeys in the snow, tigers, snowy owls and Arctic foxes. The polar bear was a bit of a disappointment due to it being asleep with it's back to us. The tracks she had left in the snow were mighty impressive though and made you realise quite how huge she is. A picnic lunch in the car completed the day out. We made it home in plenty of time to have a bit of down time before our usual Wednesday swim followed by singularly un diet-friendly chips in the cafe.

Two days back at school and it was the weekend again so more fun out and about with Bear while Scrumpy was at Saturday club. Sorry to say Sunday was no better than the previous week. What is it about Sundays? Last night Scrumpy had a seizure and was then up from about 3am, Bear was up from 4am so around 3 hours sleep for me.

In case you were wondering the diet has not gone well. Today is another week - I've not thrown the towel in just yet, it just look like it.

* Photos on facebook if I can get them from the camera.


Clare said...

Glad Bear had such a great birthday-sorry I once again forgot it!

Gimky said...

Happy Birthday to Bear!

fullsoulahead.com said...

So sorry the seizures are happening. I hope you all are doing well by now and getting some rest!