08 February 2010

Week two, not good

Ok, so I did the dreaded weigh in this morning only to find that I had lost 0.4kg after all!! I had been expecting a slight gain if anything due to having friends round for dinner and a Chinese carry-out. This means I have lost precisely half the weight I wanted to by this point. Half is better than none.

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Annicles said...

Frankly, if you've had a chinese this weekend you've worked miracles to lose anything at all. They are weight magnets!!

What you need is a wii-fit. I have been working on mine religiously since January the 3rd and have gone from 10 and a half stone to 9 and a half stone. It was pretty fun too. I am going to keep going and seep how far I can go!!!! (another good reason for getting a wii)