27 January 2008

The Dangers of Dieting

At this time of year, we along with a lot of folk are trying to shift a few extra pounds - let's call them Kg, they don't mean the same and the numbers are smaller - but I have a warning for you, dieting, my fellow bloggers, is DANGEROUS.

So, here in Sotland we do of course celebrate the Bard Robbie Burns on 25th January with Haggis, neeps and tatties. The best haggis have to be hunted down with special preparation including the traditional tea, tattie scone and shortbread before setting out after the beast. So, there I am, doing the traditional tea and tattie scone quite happy counting it as lunch when the shortbread course came. "No, I won't have that, I'm watching my weight." I said. Big mistake. Being fairly new to the game we decided to go for a coastal dwelling haggis as they're (supposedly) easier to catch. We set out, and it wasn't long before we found our quarry. I crept nearer keeping directly behind it (haggis can't see behind them) and just as I stretched out my hand to grab it a twig snapped under my foot alarming the haggis which leapt away to the safety of the sea. The tide was out and it had a way to go but try as I might, I had no energy to overcome the beast and it escaped to the waves before I could grasp it. All I was left with was a mouthful of sand and salt water.

Be warned, bloggers, don't skimp on the shortbread, sand just ain't the same.


Kim Stagliano said...

What? Not even Pecan Sandies? (A lovely cookie, er "biscuit" from Keebler. Do let us know when you track down Nessie, won't you?

KIM (across the pond.)

Jules said...

Well, first, congratulations on the new blog, and so sorry that you missed the haggis. But just THINK of all the calories you worked off trying to catch him... her... it? Maybe enough to go back and have that nummy shortbread after all?? :)

Amanda said...

Welcome Jules!

A little buttery goodness may have eased my pain....

mylhibug said...

Shortbread = Good

Sand = Yuck!

Good lesson you have taught us all. :-)