26 January 2008

Why Highland Madness?

Well, The Highlands is where we live and those of you who have an experience of the autistic world will know the madness (mostly in a good way!) that that precipitates. It's not an accident I chose a piccy of a rainbow for the title - it reflects nicely the many colours of life in our house. By the way, that's not an original analogy, I pinched it from Jackie Jackson author of "Multi-coloured Mayhem" and mum to best-selling author Luke. It is however an original photo taken at the end of our nearest road.

Anyway, to begin at the beginning, we arrived in summer 2005 in time to get the girls settled in their new school for the start of the new year and it will never cease to amaze me how well they took it all - new home, new everything. That's not to say we didn't have more than a few "incidents" like Bear escaping in her pj's running over the fields at 9oclock at night (thankfully it's still light up here at that time) and flooding the bathroom on more occasions than I care to remember.

2006 was the Year of Containment as locks appeared on doors, fortress fencing went up and tap tops disappeared. It was also the Year of Don't Relax for a Second as Bear found her way round our defences to continue her reign of chaos.

2007 saw us realising we really could do this market gardening thing and we learned how to plough, rotovate, cultivate preparing the ground for a range of veggies. Unfortunately we couldn't have chosen a worse year to start. As the rains came down and the weeds grew up our efforts were all in vain as water rose up around the top of our potato ridges for days at a time. A few strawberries and a couple of bags of tatties was all we could harvest. But it was a small and perfectly formed harvest which we all enjoyed!

This year we have already been busy errecting a poly tunnel to extend our growing season. This will be followed shortly by a small barn to house our tractor and growing collection of attachments. This year, if it ever stops raining, will be a good year.


Manic Mom said...

YOU DID A BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm surpirsed I can even type. welcome to blog pland.

Kim Stagliano said...

Hey! How come Manic didn't drunk blog ME???

Manic Mom said...

Kim, consider yourself durnk blogged.. i liked the guy's nut sack.

mylhibug said...

How can I possibly come up with something after that?