31 January 2008

Things are moving on...

Had a call this morning to say the door for the barn was ready for shipping but would the lorry fit up our track? Hmmm, over to Hot-hubby for that one, my spacial awareness is not that great. (NO women driver jokes or even thoughts thank you very much!!) Well, what do you know? It will fit and they'll even be able to turn round...either our yard is WAY bigger than I thought or someone has been up and stolen all the gadgets and stuff that usually clog it up. They're obviously thinking the same as me because this is the second thime they've called about it. I know I know, what's the use of a barn door with no barn to put it on? Well that's winging it's way to us too! Told you things were moving.

And guess what? It's snowing. Yes, snowing and no, this is not just ordinary snow, this is weather warning blizzard snow. We have little helpers arriving for a long weekend tomorrow, Little Helper 1 (LH1) doesn't like snow and I had to do some speedy convincing that the sun was shining and nowt to worry about, which will dissappoint LH2 who LOVES snow and will be out sledging and building snowmwen with Scrumpy until she can sledge and build no more. Well, the sun was shining when I spoke to LH1, really it was, and the fact that school sent home a note saying check the severe weather website before sending the kids in as it's going to be blowing a hoolie from midnight on is one I'm going to gloss over.

So to summerize - things are moving but stopping again pretty quickly due to the wrong kind of weather! Oh well, time to play silly B's.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy the hoolie! (sounds like some scottish party or something) hope it brings more snow and none of the horrible wet and windy stuff we are getting down south.